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Empowering environmental good through mobility

Our mobility solutions increase revenues whilst reducing the environmental impact

“Fan Mobility helped us significantly to understand the mobility needs of our spectators to the ATP250 in Kitbühel in 2023 so that we can improve their experience and increase accessibility in the future.

The tools and approach are easy to handle and to integrate. I recommend Fan Mobility to any organisation aiming at reducing their environmental footprint by analysing the travel of their fans and developing tools for future actions”.
Florian Zinnagl, Tournament director of Generali Open, Kitzbühel

Our approach is geared to increase accessibility and save time & money for your fans

Fan transportation accounts for 60-80% of the carbon emissions of sports and entertainment. This source of emission needs to be addressed in a positive and enabling manner ensuring enhanced fan experience.

Our data analytics, route planning capabilities and nudge initiatives are geared towards supporting clubs, events and stadiums in their implementation of travel efficiencies to reduce congestion and pollution (carbon emissions).

The End Game process

Fan Mobility is a next stage evolution of the people, planet, profit social enterprise model where profit is the motivation but not at the expense of the planet or people inhabiting it.

Fan Mobility’s mode of operation is to ensure that our processes are beneficial to all our patrons.

Our patrons are:

  • Our clients – sports, entertainment & infrastructure entities
  • Fans, spectators, tourists or commuters
  • Sponsors
  • The environment
Global group of people
Planet Earth

By driving revenue potential for our clients, while saving time and money for the fans, we keep our clients, fans and sponsors happy. The bi-product of our approach is to save carbon emissions and pollution.

From that premise, we always start in the sports and entertainment sector with transportation, as this represents the majority of the carbon emissions, pollution and congestion. Our ability to route nudge spectators helps generate revenue potential from on-site sales of merchandise and refreshments. The improved carbon footprint creates improved fan and sponsor engagement opportunities.

From there, we have 3 to 5 year practical roadmaps to sustainable events and venues. Each year, we have a simple set of actions in a reduction strategy without baffling jargon or the need for qualified sustainability professionals.

Clean tech Solutions

Fan Mobility has an extensive range of clean tech solutions that can both reduce costs and reduce carbon emissions for the sports and entertainment sector. We are talking in terms of tech capable of saving more than 40% of electricity costs, renewable energy solutions, fossil free fuel powered transport or plastic free events.

We believe that technology must be both affordable and implementable while driving environmental benefit.

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